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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Tokyo Camera Style

Check out the Tokyo Camera Style blog by John Sypal. If you are obsessed or even in love with film cameras just a little bit, this has to be one of your favourite sites. You can call it camera porn or whatever but one has to congratulate John Sypal for the pure simplicity of the idea - I found it totally addictive and went through all 90-odd pages in one evening. Basically it’s a log of encounters on the street with people carrying film cameras which is updated almost daily. They may be straight forward classics or meticulously kitted out antiques(here’s that light meter in more detail and check out the accessory finder on this Leica III). Apparently “1/2 of all Leicas ever made are currently in Japan” so there are many examples of Leica X2s, IIIs, Standardsand too may Leica-Ms to count. Then there are the battered and heavily used examples which their users just refuse to give up. And then a place not to miss if in Tokyo - the Nisshin Camera Junk Shop.

Here’s a list of my highlights: